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 Advances to make your journey more pleasant Home

  1. Before getting into a cab, if the cabdriver does not notice about you, knock on the window. In this way you will avoid the cabdriver move the car and drag yourself away.

  2. Use the seatbelt and lock the doors.

  3. If you use the radio taxi's service, ask for the estimated waiting time and the unit-car number for your security. In case you will be out of change (more than $20) notify it to the operator. The maximum allowed is 4 (four) passenger per cab. You can ask for a diesel cab in case you have a lot of luggage. This kind of cars has more space at the boot. Remember to carry several radio taxi's telephone numbers on your wallet. It could be a very difficult task to find a cab on rainy days and on the eve of non-working days. Before starting a trip, ask for the minimum rate and delivery service plus to avoid problems.

  4. In case you stop a cab at the street, try to stop only "radio taxi" cars. You will notice special stickers at the back right door car.

  5. You will find several radio taxi's services and promotions on this web site in the folder USUARIOS/ RADIOTAXIS

  6. For long trips you can ask for a fixed rated.

  7. We would be very grateful if you contact us to inform about your special interest and suggestions on this web site. Please find the form "quejas y sugerencias" and let us know your opinion.

  8. In case you use the delivery service, inform to the operator the "kind" of delivery (boxes, envelops, pet, etc).

  9. For any complain about the cab service, dial the following number free of charge 0 800 2222 247. A City of Buenos Aires operator will record your complain. Remember to take note of some cab's features like: licence number, name of the cabdriver, etc.

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